October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

Okay…okay…not quite yet. But, Labor Day has passed and summer is officially over, which means that every product in every store is consequently in the process of turning pumpkin-spiced, and Halloween costume shops are filling in vacant strip malls on every block in town. It wasn’t long ago that every holiday enjoyed its own special […]

Floral Fun – Top Trends in Wedding Flowers

There are fashion trends, hairstyle trends, décor trends and even food trends. But did you know there are flower trends, too? It’s true! What is trendy with wedding flowers changes just as often as the weather. Flowers aren’t just for bouquets and centerpieces anymore. They are now being made into beautiful floral headpieces, rings, earrings […]

Give a Student a Back-to-School Boost

The beginning of a new school year can be a tough time for students and teachers alike. There are new routines that need to be practiced, new people to meet and new material to learn! Why not send a sweet gift to your favorite student or teacher, and remind them that you’re thinking of them? […]

Pet-Friendly Flowers and Plants

We all love fresh flowers and plants for the beauty they provide and their wonderful aromas that fill our homes. Unfortunately, our pets don’t enjoy flowers the same way we do. Dogs and cats have a natural curiosity and tend to investigate anything new by smelling or tasting. Their inquisitive nature is often adorable, but […]

Bring the Brightness of Summer into Your Home

To get in a summer mood, many homeowners take part in spring cleaning or redesign the flow of their home to make it more open and breezy. No matter how you get ready, no home is truly summery without some fresh flowers. Check out these summer arrangements available from Flowers of Kingwood that will make your home […]

Celebrate Your Patriotic Pride with Flowers of Kingwood

Independence Day is Monday, but celebrations are taking place all weekend long! We’re here to help you decorate your party with patriotic pride! Call us to discuss what we can do for you to help make this year’s celebration one to remember. We have a beautiful selection of 4th of July favorites in red, white, […]

Every Rose Has Its…Prickle?

June is finally here, which not only marks the official start of summer but it also means National Rose Month! Colorful, fragrant, and graceful, it’s no wonder roses hold a special allure for romantics, artists, and designers alike. In fact, roses are overwhelmingly the world’s undisputed favorite flower with over 85% of people calling it […]

When Words Just Aren’t Enough…

We often associate flowers with celebrations and happy occasions, but flowers also provide a way to express sympathy and lend support to those who have lost a loved one. Here are some tips on how to go about choosing right sympathy flowers, the best time to send them, and more: What Should I Send? The […]

Mother’s Day Around the World

In the United States, we celebrate Mom every May with flowers and gifts, and perhaps treat her to a meal at her favorite restaurant. Sure, Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, but other countries have their own spin on Mom’s special day too. Here are few of the more interesting ways that mothers are […]